DNC News; June 21, 2018
Help at Last

Dr Rena Bloom and Dr Jacob Schor are pleased to announce that two young doctors are joining our practice and will share the workload allowing us to care for more people more effectively.

Drs. David and Leah Oster recently moved to Denver from Georgia purposefully to work with us. They are originally from Ontario, Canada and both graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004. They opened and ran their own naturopathic practice for seven years in Collingwood, Ontario prior to moving to Georgia in 2012. The move to Georgia was initiated so that David could work at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital, which is located in Atlanta. Working as an integrative care specialist at a high volume cancer-specialty facility provided Dr. Oster with a level of training and experience that leaves some of us envious.

Sadly here in Denver while we have collegial relationships with many of the oncology providers, we rarely have the opportunity to meet with them in person and never as part of the same working team. Dr. Oster has had the opportunity to work for years integrating naturopathic medicine directly into standard oncology and collaborating with his medical colleagues so that together they could offer a higher level of patient care. Perhaps envious isn’t a strong enough word? He had the opportunity to share in the protocols developed over the decades by naturopathic doctors working at the CTCA hospitals. He was trained in the best by the best, and admittedly I feel a bit jealous. We are feeling very lucky to have he and Leah come join our practice in Colorado.

Leah Oster leaves two kid-centric practices behind in Georgia that have focused on unusual children.

During his time at CTCA, David was recognized with an “Excellence in Leadership Award” and two “Silver Medal Awards” for outstanding patient care. His clinical abilities were recognized and he held multiple departmental lead positions until his departure in 2017. David was selected as Preceptorship Lead (training 9 staff physicians into their clinical roles at the hospital over 4 years), Clinical Lead (daily coordinating patient care and establishing standards of excellence for his department for 5 years), stand-in Director, and was elected as his department’s representative on numerous hospital committees, most notably the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC).

The American Board of Naturopathic Oncology certified Dr. Oster as a Fellow (FABNO) in 2014, a status reserved for only the most experienced and knowledgeable tier of naturopathic doctors who practice naturopathic oncology and who pass the board’s national regulatory examinations.

Dr. Oster left CTCA in 2017 and started Oster Oncology, a telemedicine-based practice designed to serve cancer patients anywhere in the world. His mission with Oster Oncology is to deliver (via video consultations) the same level of clinical naturopathic oncology he is accustomed to providing in the hospital setting to patients who would otherwise have no access to integrative oncology.

We are looking forward to incorporating David’s telemedicine service into the Denver Naturopathic Clinic in addition to expanding our schedule to accommodate a larger and wider range of in person patients at our office. It is our hope in the coming months to be able to provide our expertise to a larger number of patients.

We’ll tell you more in the coming weeks and find ways to introduce you to our new doctors.