Two Concerts to cheer you up this Weekend:  Sine Nomine at First Baptist and the Voice of the Wood Players at Park Hill Library:

November 15, 2018


Years ago, our late colleague, Dr. Bill Mitchell, suggested a peculiar combination of herbs to treat depressed patients.  (The problem, as I sit here decades later, is that I don’t exactly recall the combination.)     I think it was licorice and horseradish.


Dr. Mitchell’s rationale for why this combination would cheer someone up was simply that perceiving these two divergent tastes simultaneously would be so incongruent that all your brain could do would be to laugh.  Mitchell thought that these two herbs in combination were the sensory equivalent of a joke.  If I recall the discussion, it was the horseradish he thought that served as the punchline.


There are two concerts this weekend that may cheer you up.  The first is the choral group Sine Nomine that our Dr. Rena Bloom has sung with for what I think is 9 years.  They will be performing Broadway show tunes Saturday Evening at 7:30 pm (Nov 17th) and Sunday afternoon at 2:00 pm (Nov 18th) at the First Baptist Church of Denver, 1373 Grant Street. There will also be solo performances and cheesecake served.  Dr. Bloom is singing a duet with Dr. Jay Reusch, MD.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 2.23.35 PM.png

Sine Nomine Singers

The story about licorice and horseradish is relevant for the second concert, one performed by the Voice of the Wood Chamber players.  This is a local group well known for performing chamber music with cellos and violins.  For this concert, their four cellos and two violins will be joined by two accordions.  The very idea brings a smile to my face.  They will be at the Park Hill Branch of the Denver Library (4705 Montview Blvd) Saturday at 2:30 pm.


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Here’s  a taste of Sine Nomine:


And here’s a taste of Voice of the Wood playing last year: