Rudy the Dog and Kelsey Asplin, ND making themselves at home.

A few quick updates from the Denver Naturopathic Clinic. Dr. Asplin has painted the office entirely in a lovely shade of white called Edwardian Linen and rearranged the furniture. Her dog Rudy has made himself at home and made friends with all the neighbors in the complex.

On a more professional note, Dr. Asplin had an article she wrote appear in last month’s issue of the Natural Medicine Journal. She reviews a recent study that found an association between air pollution levels and the risk of psychosis in teenagers.

This is one of a multitude of recent studies to suggest that air pollution is closely linked to a wide range of health conditions, ones we didn’t expect just a few years ago.

Drs. Schor and Bloom are preparing for a trip to Portland, Oregon to attend the annual convention of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Doctor Schor should be working on his lecture and not writing newsletters.

Dr. Schor has also been quite caught up over the last few weeks writing a review piece on the relative merits of several diets purported to have “Anti-Cancer”. benefits.  
A draft of that review is posted on his WordPress website.

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