May 6, 2020

Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO

The May issue of the Natural Medicine Journal just hit the virtual news-stands today and it is an interesting read.

I’ve been an assistant editor on the journal for enough years that I’ve lost count.  By the time an issue is posted, I’ve become familiar with most of the contents that I admit that I don’t notice when the issue is finally ‘live.’  Somehow though this issue caught my attention; I suppose I was so distracted by this pandemic business that I forgot about the other articles, so I looked at the contents afresh.

There’s an interesting article written by Megan Chmelik, our one-time receptionist who has been off at naturopathic school in Portland for years now, enough years that she should be graduating soon.  She continues her focus on natural treatments of PCOS, in this issue reviewing a recent study that tried the ketogenic diet with PCOS women.  The results were striking.\\

There’s also an interesting paper in the April issue about mushroom consumption preventing cognitive decline written by Lorinda Sorensen and Dominique Cureton from the naturopathic college in Chicago.  It’s particularly interesting as they bring in the research on ergothioneine, a compound found in many mushrooms that is now receiving credit for many of the health benefits from mushrooms.  I was unfamiliar with this chemical prior to reading this article.  I think we will be hearing a lot more about it in the near future as we look for foods that provide higher levels.

Paul Saunders from the Ontario College continues to pursue our interest in ultra-processed foods.  It may be that lowering consumption of this ‘dietary category’ may prove to be the most beneficial change we can make in our diets.  Forget all the other label categories the stores want to excite you with (the low cholesterol, no hydrogenated fats, no GMO, no gluten, no sugar etc. labels that try to make you chose a package as a ‘healthy choice.).

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