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Cardamom, the spice

Cardamom: the spice December 20, 2018   I’ve awoken over recent days with the taste of cardamom fading from a dream and this has left me in a peculiar mood, wishing I could remember the dream’s content. Cardamon or cardamom,... Continue Reading →


Christmas Pudding to Prevent Holiday Heart Attacks

Sarah’s Christmas Pudding Cures Heart Attacks December 18, 2018     The December 12 issue of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) contains a study by Moman A Mohammad and several colleagues in Sweden who examined the risk of myocardial infarctions... Continue Reading →

Curcumin and Alzheimer’s disease: an update

A recent study requires that we update an article we sent out a while back on curcumin and Alzheimer’s disease.  A while back turns out to be longer than guessed.  We sent out the article in June of 2010. Continue Reading →

Fermentation Monday…..

Life in the Cloud: December 10, 2018 Jacob Schor Denver Naturopathic Clinic and     I’m not sure whether to take a deep breath in or not. The air in our house must be an invisible cloud of... Continue Reading →

Linzer Torte: a new Chanukah tradition

Linzer Torte: Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO  and December 6, 2018     A decade or so back we began to serve Linzer Torte as part of our Chanukah menu. The habit may have begun with Costco stocking raspberry... Continue Reading →

Jelly Doughnuts

Jelly Doughnuts December 4, 2018 This being the third night of Chanukah, we can make time to ponder and in this instance leave aside our normal routine of focusing on the healthy nutritional aspects of holiday foods. It is generally... Continue Reading →

Two concerts this weekend

Two Concerts to cheer you up this Weekend:  Sine Nomine at First Baptist and the Voice of the Wood Players at Park Hill Library: November 15, 2018   Years ago, our late colleague, Dr. Bill Mitchell, suggested a peculiar combination... Continue Reading →

Of Mice and Humans: animal vs. human research

Jacob Schor ND, FABNO November 14, 2018 In recent years an increasing emphasis has been placed on scientific studies that derive their data from humans rather than from animals.  This is in part because many people are uncomfortable with the... Continue Reading →

Exercise and Prostate Cancer: work up a sweat!

Exercise and Prostate Cancer   October 29, 2018 Jacob Schor ND, FABNO       A new paper from researchers at Harvard University confirms earlier evidence that exercise is protective against prostate cancer mortality.   In this new study... Continue Reading →

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