by Dr. Jacob Schor

Broken hearts and heartbreak

Broken Hearts and, well broken hearts…… November 12, 2017 The English language is filled with expressions that describe emotional discomfort as being felt within the heart. How much are these just terms of speech or are they describing a real... Continue Reading →


Dog walking now

Dog walking now. November 8, 2017 I force myself to walk down to City Park and do the circuit around Ferril Lake when I can. The is the route Poppy and I took most mornings for more than a decade.... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Ice Cream as Health Food

What is health food? November 4, 2017 A recent paper authored by Valerio Sanguigni and colleagues from the University of Rome Tor Vegata has me wondering what we mean when we use the term “health food.” Sanguigni and friends set... Continue Reading →

Ostensibly on a lecture tour

Lecture Tour October 15, 2017 Ostensibly I am on a lecture tour, speaking at a number of yearly conferences organized by state naturopathic associations as a way to raise funds for their legislative activities. Lobbying for and passing naturopathic licensing... Continue Reading →

Regarding dogs’ lives

Dogs’ Lives October 8th, 2017 Agnes Sligh Turnbull was born at about this time of the year, on October 14, 1888, in Western Pennsylvania. She was a famous writer of historical fiction with bestsellers published from the 1920s all the... Continue Reading →

New Year Honey Update 2017

Honey update 2017 You know technology has invaded your life when stumbling around first thing in the morning, getting ready to bake a pan of baklava, one doesn’t stop to open a cookbook but instead powers up the computer to... Continue Reading →

Josh Goldenberg on IBS: a lecture at the med school….

Goldenberg Lecture: September 15, 2017 I found a great parking place over at the Anschutz Medical Center last week when I went over to the Med School Library to attend a lecture by Joshua Goldenberg ND. This lecture was part... Continue Reading →

Probiotics and Chemotherapy: anything but simple…..

Regarding Probiotics and Cancer Treatment: Jacob Schor ND, FABNO September 16, 2017 “What about these, are they any good for me to take?” our cancer patients ask all to often, pointing to their treasured probiotic supplements they’ve brought to the... Continue Reading →

Glioblastoma Diet

Diet and Glioblastoma: September 14, 2007 Jacob Schor, ND, FABNP There are three questions that need to be considered when selecting dietary prescriptions for treating a patient with a specific type of cancer: 1. What biochemical pathways can be... Continue Reading →

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